Understanding Dome Mirrors

How Dome Safety Mirrors Work

Dome safety mirrors can be installed either for outdoor or indoor use. Depending on their location, they provide a good view of a wide area. They are usually used for surveillance because of the view they provide.

Different Types of Dome Mirrors:

  • Full Dome Safety Mirror - A cost-effective security aid that provides a 360-degree panoramic view to prevent theft in stores. Half-spherical in shape they are usually placed in the centre of a space, to give total coverage of the area.

  • Half Dome Mirror - Usually placed at the end of a corridor for surveillance purposes in indoor spaces. They give you a 180-degree view of the area. Can also be used in forklift trucks as a rear-view mirror.

  • Quarter Dome Mirror - Designed to be placed discreetly in indoor spaces to view the floor space. Usually installed in corners of space to increase viewing coverage.

What Type of Dome Mirror Should I Choose?

Choosing the right dome mirror will most likely depend on what you intend on using it for and what kind of view you need from the position you are most likely going to viewing it from.

For a larger space with few intersecting walls and visual barriers, a Full Dome Safety mirror will give you maximum coverage of an area and will provide you with the best security and surveillance of your space.

Where a wall and ceiling intersect, a Half Dome Mirror or Quarter Dome Mirror would be most useful for your space. If there two opposing blind spots, such as if your space is in the shape of a ‘T’, a Half Dome Mirror would be of most use as it allows for you to see both blind spots and also behind you.

If the purpose is to look around a corner or visual barrier, a Quarter Dome Mirror can be installed in the corner to enable this and also gives a visual on the space directly behind you.

Benefits of Installing Dome Mirrors

  • Easy to use – a Dome Mirror requires very little to no expert advice in using. The only expert advice really needed would be in identifying which type of dome mirror would be most useful for your space and need.

  • Inexpensive and durable – In comparison to other surveillance methods, such as security cameras, a dome mirror is inexpensive and a good value way to increase safety and security in your space. Along with being inexpensive, the dome mirrors are also highly durable and long-lasting with very little maintenance needed, other than sometimes needing to clean the surface of dust and dirt.

  • Easy to install – Dome mirrors are easy to install with most only requiring a screwdriver to install. If the ceiling is high, Full Dome Mirrors can be installed hanging down from a hook to make sure the viewing range is not wasted.

  • Safety and security – The increased field of view that dome mirrors give means that accidents, surprise attacks and thefts are prevented.