Portable Inspection Telescopic Mirrors

All telescopic mirrors are a mirror that is a mounted to a pole via a hinge making it easier to view places that are tough to get to and require a difficult angle to view with ease. There are other features that differentiate telescopic inspection mirrors, listed below: 

Flat faced Telescopic Inspection mirror – An telescopic mirror that has no curvature in the mirror meaning it gives less of a panoramic effect than a convex shaped mirror, making it easier to view a specific area. Often used in the food processing and food industry.

Convex Telescopic Inspection mirror – Like a round safety mirror, an inspection mirror that has a convex shaped mirror face, making the field of view larger meaning a larger area can be searched quickly. Often used in under vehicle inspections due to the extended field of view allowing for the centre of vehicles to be searched without having to reach the mirror into the centre of the vehicle.

Telescopic Inspection Mirror with light – A telescopic inspection mirror with light can be a flat faced or convex inspection mirror.  The light can either be in the centre of the mirror itself or can sometimes be mounted on the pole handle at an angle that directs the light onto the mirror. Both methods are effective and when deciding between them, the deciding factor should come down to whether you want to prioritise the surface area of the mirror, or alternatively sacrifice some quality of the lighting. An Inspection mirror with a light is effective in environments where lighting is difficult, and due to this is commonly used in under vehicle inspections.

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4 Item(s)