Dome Safety Mirrors

Dome safety mirrors can be installed either for outdoor or indoor use. Depending on their location, they provide a good view of a wide area. They are usually used for surveillance because of the view they provide.

Different types of dome mirrors:

  • Full Dome Safety Mirror - A cost effective security aid that provides a 360-degree panoramic view to prevent theft in stores. Half-spherical in shape they are usually placed in the centre of a space, to give total coverage of the area.
  • Half Dome Mirror - Usually placed at the end of a corridor for surveillance purposes in indoor spaces. They give you a 180-degree view of the area. Can also be used in forklift trucks as a rear-view mirror.
  • Quarter Dome Mirror - Designed to be placed discreetly in indoor spaces to view the floorspace. Usually installed in corners of space to increase viewing coverage.

Dome mirrors are acrylic constructed which is used in other safety mirrors such as the acrylic safety mirrors and is approximately 10 times stronger than glass, although not indestructible. All the different types of dome mirrors are available in 600mm(Max 3 metres viewing range) and 800mm(Max 5 metres viewing range). Browse our additional mirror options, specialising in roundtrafficindoor security, and portable inspection telescopic mirrors.

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6 Item(s)