Quick Tips & Handy Hints

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Q.   What size do I need?

Measure the distance in metres between where the mirror will be sited and where you are going to be when using it e.g. if installing the mirror across the road from a driveway, measure from where you will be sitting in your car to the planned mirror site across the road.  This is our  “Viewing Distance”.  Select a mirror with the appropriate viewing distance from our range. 

Q.   Which mirror material is best?

Stainless Steel should last forever and has no corrosive parts.
Polymir is very thin and lightweight, yet virtually unbreakable, with a 3 year guarantee.
Polycarbonate is approx 200 times stronger than glass, almost unbreakable so ideal for vandal-prone areas, with a 12 month guarantee.
Acrylic is approx 10 times stronger than glass, but not unbreakable, with a 12 month guarantee.

Q.   How far will a mirror see?

The mirror will see infinitely, it is our eyesight that won’t!  Select the right size mirror by using the size guide above.  Generally, the bigger the mirror, the better the view. 

Q.   Do I need permission to install a mirror?

Not if it’s on your land or property.  If the mirror is to be mounted on someone else’s property, then you need permission from whoever owns the land (neighbour, council etc)

Q.   I need a mirror to see in two directions

To see in two directions you will need two mirrors. All our safety mirrors are slightly convex, which gives a wider viewing angle than a flat mirror, but with an almost true reflection to accurately judge speed/distance etc of oncoming vehicles.  Any mirror with a 180 degree view will have an extremely distorted image, and we do not supply these.

Q.   How high should I mount my mirror?

Ideally, having the mirror at eye level is the best position. You want to prevent straining looking too high if mounted at the incorrect level.

Q.    Can I put a mirror on a lamp post or telegraph pole?

The simple answer to this is no. Unless you get permission to do this you could be asked to take it down. We do not recommend you attach anything to a lamp post as these contain electricity.

Q.   Can you invoice us for our mirror?

If you are a school or council you can fax an official purchase order to 01422 310456. We will then set up an account and despatch your mirror along with an invoice. If you are a business we can set up an account for you if you email sales@reecesafety.co.uk we can organise creating an account for you.

Q.   Where can I buy / see a mirror before I buy? How long does delivery take?

Unlike many "on-line" shops, we keep most mirrors in stock and are ready for immediate despatch. Delivery is normally on a next day basis but please allow 3-5 days depending on your location. We supply our mirrors directly, cutting out the middle man in order to keep our prices competitive. If you would like to view an item before you purchase you are welcome to visit our premises in Elland, West Yorkshire.