Which workplace environment require a Safety Convex mirror?

Different Types of Convex Mirror?

Indoor Security Convex Mirror - An economical solution commonly used for indoor surveillance in stores, schools, hospitals, and warehouses/ factories for monitoring and to prevent accidents.

Outdoor Security Convex Mirror - An ideal safety aid for industrial locations such as factories, yards and car parks. A great benefit to use in areas with restricted visibility or blind spots.

Traffic Safety Mirror - Designed to reduce the risk of accidents. Ideal for road junctions with restricted visibility usually found in bus stations, driveways, driveway exits, car parks and confined spaces. Similar to a Driveway mirror.

Inspection Mirror - Used by security personnel to inspect difficult to see areas, such as below or over machinery and vehicles. Commonly used by security, police, and airport staff.

Who Needs a Convex Mirror?

Due to the shape of a convex mirror, the field of view is extended when placed in an appropriate position and this can be useful in increasing safety. An outside convex mirror can be used to help drivers navigate blind spots, similar to the way a driveway mirror is used.

Convex mirrors can also be used in a commercial environment, whether they are installed in a static position such as a car park to help ensure traffic is moving safely or can often be installed on vehicles such as forklift trucks to make carrying heavy loads much safer when manoeuvring. Convex Mirrors are an incredibly useful instrument for monitoring machinery, ensuring food quality, and keeping employees safe while on the job in the food processing industry.

Outdoor Convex Mirrors can be used to deter vandals that have been causing a nuisance or pose a threat to a property. They are a more durable and cheaper alternative to a security camera and can also be used along with a security camera to increase the viewing capability.Indoor Convex Mirrors also serve a similar purpose in preventing petit crime and theft in shops and stores as shopkeepers and security staff can see more angles of the store.

Indoor Convex Mirrors within The Food Processing Industry

Food processing convex mirrors are an incredibly useful instrument for monitoring machinery, ensuring food quality, and keeping employees safe while on the job.

There are 3 main reasons that Indoor Convex Mirrors are used for in the Food Processing Industry:

Monitor Machinery to Prevent Malfunctions – In Food Processing, every product must be created to the exact specification or else there could be a risk of harm to human, livestock anything else that consumes the product. Due to this, in the event of machine malfunction the whole company’ reputation could be at a risk along with the safety of anyone who ingests the product. Convex Mirrors, when strategically placed mean that machinery can be monitored more easily, and malfunctions can be spotted and fixed earlier.

Food Quality Assurance – As mentioned previously, Food Quality is vital in a food processing plant. The easiest way to do this is to have a machine operator monitor the production line. With a properly positioned Convex mirror, problems can be spotted early and resolved.

Employee’s Safety and Welfare - Production plants can be very dangerous places to work, especially for someone just starting out. High traffic zones, coupled with the loud sounds that are common in food processing plants, create a recipe for disaster. Convex mirrors increase visibility throughout a work area and aid management in keeping track of progress.

Uses of Outdoor Convex Mirrors

Outdoor Convex Mirrors are often associated as an aid to make driving safer where there is blind spots, similar to that as a Driveway Mirror and a Traffic mirror. However, an Outdoor Convex Mirror has many uses in an industrial setting where a wider field of view is useful, such as these listed below:

Anti-theft – Convex mirrors enhance your field of view, due to the reflection the shape gives you. This means that when placed around entrances to your facility, when coupled with a camera it is harder for thieves to get passed in blind spots.

Industrial Traffic safety – Outdoor convex mirrors are used in the optimisation of traffic safety. This is especially so in cases where drivers using industrial driveways have limited to no visibility. They are also used in increasing attention in the danger spots of an industry.

Car Park safety – Outdoor convex mirrors can be used in car parks to make them more safe, especially when there are cars rushing in and out. Due to the increased field of view a convex mirror gives you, it also makes it easier to identify available parking spots quicker.