Resources - Key Cabinets

All organisations require a safe secure storage solution for their keys.  Key cabinets provide an ideal solution to securely organise and store your spare keys enhancing your in-house security.

See below for a few benefits of using a key cabinet in the following sectors:

  Health Sector

Hospitals are very secure organisations who rely on having tight safety measures in place.  Key cabinets prove to be very beneifical in maintaing strict control of keys to secure spaces within hospitals.


  Automotive Sector

The Automotive industry heavily depends on securing keys to vehicles in a secure way.  Key cabinets are useful for showrooms, manufacturers, garages, auction houses and salvage yards. 


 Education Sector

The Education sector tends to use high security measures and securing keys to rooms is vital.  Key cabinets helps to control authorised access to rooms to prevent vandalism and theft.  


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you might have if you are unsure if you need a key cabinet for your household or business.