Why use key cabinets?

Using a key cabinet is a great way to manage your spare keys.  It is an ideal way to securely organise and store your spare keys enhancing your in-house security.


Who uses key cabinets?

Key cabinets can be extremely beneficial for key people and businesses like landlords, estate agents, car showrooms and hotels.  A key cabinet will provide extra security to store and manage your keys in an organised approach. 


Where are key cabinets mostly used?

You can find key cabinets in almost every business on the high street as well as schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels and police stations.  

Whether you are a small business or corporate company, Reece have a wide range of key cabinets to support and improve your internal security procedure.


What types of key cabinets are available?

Key operated

Combination lock operated

Mobile cabinets

Padlock cabinets

Key view cabinets

Emergency key boxes

Special security cabinets


What are Key Safes?

Two types of key safes are available, wall mounted and freestanding. 

Wall mounted key safes are ideal for rental properties and holiday homes where you can store keys securely for guests. They usually have a capacity to hold 1-8 keys which is accessed using a combination code. 

Small key safes are usually mounted on exterior walls, allowing landlords to rent their properties without contact with their guest using a combination to access the keys.

Key safes should ideally be fitted out of sight and securely fitted to a wall by an experienced installer. 

Free standing key safes are robust and can hold a number of keys on telescopic panels ranging from 950 to 3000 keys. A great solution for large organisations.


Questions to ask yourself when thinking of a key cabinet…

A key cabinet can help you improve security protocols for your property or business.  If you are in two minds whether to purchase storage for your keys, please ask yourself the questions below:

Do I have too many keys to store?

Can I manage my key storage better?

Who needs access to the keys?

What kind of lock is required to the cabinet to secure the keys?

What is the best area to store a key cabinet?

What is my budget for a key cabinet?