Floor Standing First Aid Cabinets

Floor standing first aid cabinets are a first aid storage solution that is designed to suit the users requirements within the workplace and ensure employers meet their first aid obligations. Floor standing first aid cabinets are available in three sizes; 1 door (1 shelf), 2 door (1 shelf), or 3 shelves for larger requirements.

All the shelves are adjustable spill retaining galvanised shelves that allow for optimal spillage management. All floor standing first aid cabinets come with a 2-point locking mechanism. All first aid cabinets are sturdy steel constructed with a maximum UDL of 70kg per shelf.

First Aid cabinets can be used for the general storage and transportation of medical supplies in hospitals, surgeries, first aid rooms and pharmacies. Our floor standing first aid cabinet are compliant with the Regulation of Controlled Drugs Act.

All free standing first aid cabinets are supplied with first aid stickers as standard ensuring that employees can easily identify that the cabinets are designed to be used for first aid supplies.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)