Fire Extinguisher Storage

Fire extinguisher storage, commonly known as a fire extinguisher cabinet are rotationally moulded plastic constructed, designed to store and protect fire extinguishers. The rotationally moulded plastic that is used to construct the fire extinguisher cabinets is corrosion proof and high impact resistant designed to provide exceptional durability. Fire extinguisher cabinets can store fire extinguisher up to 9kg.

Fire extinguisher storage is useful when there is need for added security and protection that is not offered by a fire extinguisher stand.

Fire extinguisher storage is available to store more than a singular fire extinguisher with fire extinguisher storage cabinets available to store extinguishers accompanied by a hose reel or for further fire safety equipment.

All fire extinguisher storage is available with a lockable door and integral alarm for increased security and the prevention of unauthorised access tempering with crucial fire emergency equipment.

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2 Item(s)