Benefits of Key Cabinets in the EDUCATION sector

Nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, and all places of learning are by their nature a hive of activity, with large numbers of people coming and going throughout the day and evening. In today’s environment it is increasingly necessary to know who is entering and leaving, to ensure the safety and security of people and equipment inside. Theft of computers and printers is very common as a crime in this busy environment.

There are numerous access control systems in the market today, which can monitor and restrict the movement of people within the building and the same applies to keys within the building.  It is of high importance that there is effective key control/security within the premises to prevent unauthorised access, preventing vandalism and theft, which can have devastating consequences.  Not least the financial costs incurred, time lost in replacing expensive equipment, insurance premiums, projects delayed and physical harm, the potential list of costly time wasted is endless.

A Junior school (ABC) had a problem with unauthorised access to the IT storeroom which sadly resulted in vital equipment being taken.  There was no control over who had access to the IT room so the lack of ACCOUNTABILITY resulted in NO SECURITY – the outcome was suspicion, accusations, delays in lessons, all with valuable time and monies wasted.  There were simply too many personally issued keys in circulation to the single site key cabinet holding the various equipment room keys. Nobody was sure who had one, how many ‘were out there’, so consequently zero accountability.

Recognising the need to find a cost-effective solution to improving the situation, they talked to REECE SAFETY who in this instance came up with a simple low security alternative. A SECKS50CL1000 Key Control System with an electronic digital cam-lock, providing 10,000 possible code combinations. The SECKS50 Key Cabinet is a strong square cornered cabinet with a durable powder coated finish.  Internally fitted out with 5 different coloured numbered hook bars with corresponding coloured numbered key tabs.  The key tabs have been designed to hang showing at a glance the numbers – giving immediate recognition.  The metal hook bars are robust and can be adjusted to suit different length/size of keys, ensuring a neat and visual identification within the cabinet.  An index card relates to the numbers and this is removable when the cabinet is left unattended thus making key identification/location virtually impossible.  Key Locations cards can be used when a key has been taken, until returned, to show where the critical keys are once removed.  This simple system ensures control and check of the key within the system at all times.

Control was regained immediately. Only authorised users had access which enhanced internal security.  There were no lost or duplicated keys in circulation and digital access codes were changed periodically for security protocols or when a member of staff left.  No expensive changing of locks or issuing new keys was then needed.  The SECKS50CL1000 Key System provided a solution to this Junior school’s problem of key control, accessibility and security in a cost effective manner.