Pesticide Storage Cabinets

Pesticide Storage Cabinets are a safe and secure storage for pesticide and agrochemicals around the workplace. Manufactured with perforated ventilated door. As certain Pesticides may be harmful substances under the CoSHH regulations these must be stored in a specially constructed Pesticide cabinet, and can’t just be sotred in other CoSHH cabinets such as an Acid storage cabinet or a Hazardous substance storage cabinet.

The Biocidal Products Regulations & the Food & Environment Protection Act 1985 (FEPA) is the relevant UK legislation for use of biocides (e.g. rodenticides, disinfectants, wood preservatives etc.). Part III of the Food and Environment Protection Act (FEPA) 1985 also applies to the storage of pesticides.

Pesticide Cabinets come with adjustable spill retaining shelves for optimal spill management with an integral liquid sump encouraging the correct handling of spills through the use of absorbent cleaning materials.

Pesticide Storage cabinets are available free-standing with adjustable feet or with wheels attached for safe transportation of pesticides. A Pesticide cabinet stand is also available which raises the cabinet by 500mm.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)