Acid Storage Cabinets

Acid storage cabinets are designed to improve the overall safety of your working area providing safe and identifiable storage of acid and alkalis. These cabinets help you to ensure that acids and alkalis are stored correctly, by being separated from other chemicals. It is not recommended to store acids and alkilis in a single container as corrosion may occur. Acid Cabinets, when properly used, keep essential chemicals safe and secure while also providing ease of access for authorised personnel, students, visitors and staff members.

Acids and alkalis cannot be stored in alternative COSHH cabinets such as, Hazardous substance cabinets because they need to be stored in a separated containment to avoid accidental corrosion.

Acid storage cabinets have specially designed shelves to ensure that any spilled substances do not spill off of the shelves and there is also an integral liquid-tight sump that encourages the correct handling of spills through the use of absorbents.

Acid storage cabinets come in multiple sizes with wall mount and floor standing options available.

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7 Item(s)